Java Data Validation Class

I was working on a data validation this afternoon, and I thought I would share the class I wrote.

I found a good starting point at this blog and extended some of the methods.

This class uses the Java Date and Calendar constructs, as well as regular expressions to parse and match strings to validate several types of contact information.

The class is as follows:

My Favorite Project So Far, The Self Automated Vehicle

In the Fall of 2010 I was enrolled in the class Real Time Systems with Dr. Tanner, in which we were assigned a project in which we simply had to use a real time system. My partner and I immediately decided that we were going to attempt to make a self automated vehicle that was capable of navigating through any maze it came across pending certain parameters. We wanted our vehicle to have an array of sensors that allowed the vehicle to encounter and overcome a multitude of obstacles.

Heavy Truck Rollover Characterization

In the summer of 2009 I worked on a project as an undergraduate research assistant at the Center for Advanced Vehicle Design and Simulation (CAViDS) at Western Michigan University.

The objectives of this project were to characterize the real-world behavior of a Class A heavy truck, and to apply this characterization to a model in TruckSim mechanical simulation software. These mechanical simulations were used in order to test real life scenarios such as high-speed double lane changes and other transient maneuvers.


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