Heavy Truck Rollover Characterization

In the summer of 2009 I worked on a project as an undergraduate research assistant at the Center for Advanced Vehicle Design and Simulation (CAViDS) at Western Michigan University.

The objectives of this project were to characterize the real-world behavior of a Class A heavy truck, and to apply this characterization to a model in TruckSim mechanical simulation software. These mechanical simulations were used in order to test real life scenarios such as high-speed double lane changes and other transient maneuvers.

My personal responsibilities in this project included data analysis and presentation, video analysis, mechanical analysis, and Simulink/MATLAB programming.

The Simulink/MATLAB portion of the project encompassed the majority of my contributions and included several mechanical systems designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic rollover in high speed scenarios. As can be seen in the following pictures, a variety of variables were exported from TruckSim mechanical simulation software into Simulink and manipulated in order to mimic active mechanical systems.

The systems I personally programmed include an Active Banking System, Center of Gravity Manipulation System, and an Emergency Axle Deployment system. Some examples of these systems are shown below.

An interesting video describing the objectives and some methodology and results of the project: Link

The following is the final report submitted to the National Transportation Research Center Incorporated organization (NTRCI). The section I contributed to constitutes pages 214-231 (in the report, not the pdf).

The following report is copyrighted NTRCI.org. All rights reserved

Heavy Truck Characterization Phase B Report

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