Dr. StrangePosts or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blog

I know, I know, A blog? Really? You can't find something more productive to do with your time other than blogging about your boring mundane life that nobody cares about?

To answer those questions, I'll totally agree with you, in my personal opinion, blogs are often the outlets of egotistical nobodies who are insane enough to believe someone is reading their posts. But with that being said, I have decided (or at least attempting) to write a blog entry once a day for as long as I can handle. I came to this decision from reading a blog I religiously follow: Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood titled How to Write Without Writing. In this blog entry Atwood points out that, "The difference between a tolerable programmer and a great programmer is not how many programming languages they know, and it's not whether they prefer Python or Java. It's whether they can communicate their ideas.".

Further elaborating on this point, Atwood goes on to say that for anyone wanting to improve on their skills of communicating their ideas should practice writing as often as possible. Because of this, I'm attempting to write on this website daily with posts dealing with personal projects, opinions on interesting articles, and other rants on my extra-curricular interests with computer engineering. If all goes well, this blog will push me towards becoming a better computer engineer and writer (two skills I desperately need to improve on).

Before I conclude this very meta blog post, I would like to inform anyone who is unlikely reading my posts that they are more than welcome to email me at andrew.t.lahiff@wmich.edu anytime they would wish to contact me regarding anything I write.

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